Friday, December 31, 2010

Review of Dragginladies on Tylers Porn Reviews

No this is not about ladies pretending to be men and "dragging" but instead it is ladies who are smoking. Well, they are smoking ladies with cigarettes and such. Wow, that was difficult to describe, since they are smokin' ladies smoking! There now you know what this site is really about!
Those who have a fetish for seeing ladies smoking usually like a certain something about the lady smoking, it's not just the smoking. For instance, some get off on the smoky mouth, the way that the smoke is curling from it. Others want to see a lady inhaling, watching the smoke go into her mouth slowly. Occasionally it's the person doing the smoking that does it, such as perhaps a teen, or a very elegant lady smoking with perhaps a cigarette holder in between her fingers. Yet another wishes to see a Domina smoking and blowing smoke into a non-smoker's face. There are those who wish to see smoke coming through the nose of a model too. Some like to see lesbians smoking, perhaps sharing the smoke while they finger each other. Yet other fetishists only want to see a lady smoking a cigar or a pipe. As you can see, the smoking fetish is very involved, and satisfying it means that those who look for women smoking need to look carefully at each picture, and each video. This is why this site exists, to satisfy this yearning.
What will you see? Well, for sure you'll see babes smoking, but some of them smoke during sex alone with a vibrator, some smoke between drags on a man's cock, and some smoke while being fucked royally!
This site boasts over 129 videos, which come to you in either MPG or in Windows Media (WMV) formats. Most of them have options for low, medium, and high Def. This makes the video quality quite high. Basically they play on average of about 35 minutes each. There are no download license restrictions on the site (DRM) though you do have a download limit of about 10GB. You may wish to stream the movies too, though they are sectioned for those with slow connections.
As for their picture sets, there are over 129 sets currently, with approximately 70 pictures per set. These are Hi res. pictures, thus you may be interested in saving some, especially the ones that are presented in super Hi res.. I truly regret to inform you that the pictures are not Zipped, thus you'll have to download them one at a time if you want any.
The site is definitely all-exclusive, thus you will not have seen these smoking ladies anywhere else. They used to do weekly updates, but instead now they are doing daily updates. This is certainly good news, when so many sites seem to be abandoned, but not this one, not by a long shot. So hurrah! Let's have a smoke over that good news, shall we? As for bonuses, there are some video feeds available but the best part is that they do have a forum for smoking fetish fans to chat.
In conclusion, if you have any kind of smoking fetish, you will absolutely love this site. They perform daily updates, and even tell you of free sites to add to your own collections of smoking ladies. The pictures are in Hi res. and could not be more beautiful, and the videos are in grand quality as well.
Score: 87

AVN Article - is Back Returns, a smoking fetish website 
YNOT – Although tobacco use in public is well on its way to being outlawed in many western societies, smoking remains a popular erotic fetish. allows surfers to enjoy a fix while webmasters profit from the sexcapades of IRL (In Real Life) smokers.

According to the site’s creators, true fans of the fetish are turned off when models fake smoking, so the site employs only real smokers.

“It matters to those in the know and it shows to anyone who pays attention,” according to a company statement.

“J Vincent is back with Eddie Stryker and a new team, getting rid of some dead wood, and they have several new videos in various states of release on the site right now,” the statement continued. “DragginLadies’ site is now on a new server and has had a series of cosmetic surgeries to improve its overall look.”

The site features some names and faces who will be familiar to aficionados, like Tanner Mayes and Renae Cruz.

“Their names alone show the smoking fetish [and] hardcore world [DragginLadies’] declaration of intent — an intent, by the way, to kick some butt, poke some butt and show these hotties smoking some butts (amongst other things),” a website spokesman noted.

New talent is introduced frequently, as well, like Remi Rose, who does her first boy-girl scene ever (with Vincent) and Scarlett Luv, who appears in her first-ever solo video.

All new videos are downloadable in Windows Media format, 7000kbps, in 1280x720 resolution.’s affiliate program is here.