Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poison 2 - Smoking Fetish at

Poison 2 at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
We got her! Pick your Poison, one or two; either way you try her she's lethal baby! If you wanted more then you're like me and you're so happy she came back. She was more relaxed and yes she still smoked like a serious badgirl. However, she's such a doll unlike her persona in many images may portray. She's just smokin' hot sexy!

Persia - Smoking Fetish at

Riea - Smoking Fetish at

Riea at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Riea Riea, mama mia! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ 'bout (spikes the ball)! This chick could smoke like…well I hope there's a tomorrow, let’s just say. Wow! What a smile what a flirt and what a set of… lungs! What’d you think I was gonna say? All I’m sayin' is I love this chick! That's a Smokin' Babe!

Ameri - Smoking Fetish at

Ameri at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
This Persian Princess isn't just blowin' smoke; she throws a look like few others while doin' it too! Ameri was seriously a rare find (in a good way) so we had to jump on this shoot! Now, she told me how she loved smoking and it would be so cool to get paid to do our site. It was very cool... and it actually it turned out just how I'd hoped.

Salina 3 - Smoking Fetish at

Salina 3 at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Salina 3? No question about it; we hadda get her back. This girl keeps the fire below burnin as the smokin' keeps gettin' better. Gotta love her or wish you could. Salina is just so sultry and sexy that I think it just moved while I'm thinkin' about her!

Salina 2 - Smoking Fetish at

Salina 2 at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Guys...guys? Guys! She back...You asked and we delivered! Salina's smokin' like a champ and she's into the fetish more than ever. She's more IRL than before and I just a great feeling this could be a series that continues. Is it hot in here or is it just Salina (corny but true). This girl rocks! Actually smokes and rocks!

Salina - Smoking Fetish at

Salina at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Smokinbabe strikes again with… Salina! Yup, this is yet another IRL ass-kicking presentation from me (JV) and the boys. We thank Erin for giving this beauty the word that we were a cool shoot. I was amazed at this girl’s abilities as a model and as well with her beautiful skin. She down played herself as a smoker and so we were pleasantly surprised! Very pleasantly! Rock n’ roll!

Perfect Pixie - Smoking Fetish at

Jessi Fawn at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Let me tell you guys about this last shoot, Jessi Fawn and Chrissie Catastrophe! This shoot was anything but a Catastrophe and Jessi (formerly Perfect Pixie) improved a lot in front of the camera; better confidence! Ms.Fawn and Ms. Catastrophe are another couple IRL's for Draggin’ Ladies and these girls show you yet again why the site is unrivaled when it comes to hot girls smoking long white cigarettes, from various states of undress to so much more!!

Frankie - Smoking Fetish at

Frankie at Smoking Fetish
Better than any “special”, Frankie K. was more than OK with me and not just for breakfast! [Was that clever?] She was such a great IRL smoker that I could have shot her all day. A natural beauty, with a spunky attitude to boot, Frankie strutted her stuff with a smoldering little May West impression that made us all smile big. Girls like this can only solidify SB’s spot on the SF map as well as leaving us all with a taste for more Frankie K. morning, noon and night!

Erin 2 - Smoking Fetish at

Erin 2 at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Erin foots the bill for us in a few different ways. Want me to spell it out? Well I will anyway; she's got a great face with sexy as hell lips, such a set of lungs with which to smoke oh so well and what rack out in front of them too. I know I know I forgot to mention that long and lovely hair. This girls a keeper!

Cody Lynn - Smoking Fetish at

Cody Lynn at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Cut to the Cody Lynn shoot just the other day and she was such a cutie. Like a little Spice Girl in a way. We all got along with her well and she really has quite a smile she brightened the studio. Not sure if we had to use lights on her (I kid).

Samantha Buxton Smoking Fetish at

Samantha Buxton at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Samantha Buxton is a “Smokinbabe” like no other… A great “French Inhale”, an amazing IRL ability and oh aaaaa looks that could put back on your map! Look for Samantha to smoke you out from where you’re hiding. She’ll get you to take a gander in this her debut video for I know she’ll get your interest up amongst other things!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tila - Smoking Fetish at

Tila at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Hey guys, not that the others weren’t but this girl Tila was cute as a button and a lot of fun. About as good a smoker as we’ve seen and did not seem to tire. We got a lot of good stuff in this, hopefully only her first, video. She was a hell of a pool player and somehow I wound up in my underwear with a bruised ego and a kicked a$$. Anyway, this girl is going to be loved I am sure!

Angela - Smoking Fetish at

Angela at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
I really like Angela; she's one of the friendliest sexy women you'd ever meet. I don't think we have seen a better smoker either actually. We were in San Francisco with no really lighting or studios space and kind of winged the shoot. I am sure she'll be back but for now we have a nice taste of a seriously sexy Smokin Babe.

Cyann - Smoking Fetish at

Cyann at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
We had a fun time shooting with Cyann. What a scheduling mess (mostly my fault). Anyway, we wound up shooting quite a funny, yet sexy little video. With great skin tone and a natural beauty Cyann took control of the camera without ever laying a finger on it. Pretty, confident and with good acting skills and interacted with her friend well to pull off a couple rather funny interactions. Her friend was cute too (trust me cause she stayed off camera).

Nadia Love 2 - Smoking Fetish at

Nadia Love 2 at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
In Part 2 Nadia comes east. Strangely enough I had gone to San Fran to shoot Angelique where we met up with Nadia. This time Nadia came to meet me in FL and Angelique met us there (had to mention that coincidence though that might be another story). As we were right on the beach, we just went down and out to the beach when it was slightly overcast as to avoid crowds and shot against the water then back up to the room. Great trip, hope you like it too! 

Nadia Love 1 - Smoking Fetish at

Nadia Love at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
I have to say that Nadia Love is a very cool little SB. We shot a couple times on both sides of the country and yet she’s never still never been anywhere near our studio. Nadia is an IRL and she smokes much better than many. With the fullest of inhales, great sexy tight exhales and a killer bod… checkout Nadia Love now!!

Izabella Steele - Smoking Fetish at

Izabella Steele at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Izabella not only crossed the country to light up our lives but she also crossed the border! We put her to work and really had her putting on a show for the stills and video with a few different sets of different outfits, make-up and she smoked some cigars as well as cork tips (though don't worry guys it's still a lot of all whites).

Jenn - Smoking Fetish at

Jenn at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Oh, Jenn as she likes to be called is an IRL smoker with a sexy smile like few others. I guess our shoot turned into a little party and you’re all invited to check it out. Watch Jenn get risqué and smoke it up as she misses her train but say’s “f&%k it… let’s keep shooting”. Get a look at the bod on this gal guys. After a couple drags from her she’ll have you all drawn in.

Sarah Rodrigues - Smoking Fetish at

Sarah Rodrigues at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
Ms. Rodrigues, or Sarah as she lets me call her, really just has a confidence and a playfulness that keeps your eyes trained on her. While not the best smoker Sarah just works the camera and we really had fun watching her have fun and doing her thing.

Sherilyn Quinn - Smoking Fetish at

Sherilyn Quinn at Dragginladies Smoking Fetish
I found Sherilyn Quinn in a strange land, so close but so far too as she ferried and drove down over and up to our studios. We have another IRL smoker for you with this cutie guys (luck of the Irish?). What’s good for the goose has just got to make you gander at this SB. Hope you like the vid as we loved shooting it with her. Smokinbabe scores again with this IRL blonde that you’ve just gotta see!

Cali Logan - Smoking Fetish at

Cali Logan at Smoking Fetish
This little girl is not your average sister. We’re talking about none(nun) other than “Cali Logan”. Some of you may know her from her website or her work on various “Heroine Peril” videos. In this one we alluded to that a little with the bondage and chloroform references. Now Cali’s character may not come clean to her Priest in this one but trust me if she invites to her place you’d better say your prayers! See Cali now on her new DragginLadies video “Forgive Me Father”. Forgive me too, I wrote the damn thing. ;)

Smoking Fetish - Johannie Luv -

If there is a God he loves women who smoke... how do I know? Johannie Luv is too perfect at it without a little Divine help. Without a doubt the sexiest smoker to date... yes she passes Khloe Lin. It took a while and we came real close more than a few times but Johannie Luv, while only slightly naughty, is hands down the sexiest smoker we've shot and while I do like to brag about our models you know I don't proclaim anyone the best IRL... ever.